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Akarigo provides the best ERP software for manufacturing industries, intensively focused on the core modules of ERP for the manufacturing industry.


Maintenance software For modern manufacturers.

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Product Lifecycle Management for modern companies.

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Quality Management For modern manufacturers.

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General Features

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Why chose Akarigo to help transform your business

When it comes to achieving remarkable business success, Akarigo stands out as the unparalleled choice for exceptional business management solutions.

Leading Global Odoo Gold Partner

Akarigo has retained its Odoo Gold Partner status year on year. A recognition from Odoo of our

  • Trained and Certified Odoo consultants
  • Expertise in key vertical markets such as Manufacturing
  • Strong growth
  • 94% retention rates of clients year on year
  • Providing more than just technology solutions to our clients

Unmatched Market

With a deep understanding of the market, our team offers unparalleled guidance and support for your digital transformation journey. Benefit from our unique blend of business consultants and technical expertise.

Commitment to

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. From project delivery to service quality, we go above and beyond to ensure exceptional outcomes. Your success is at the forefront of everything we do.

Collaborative Team Approach

As dedicated team players, we prioritise resolution over compromise. We maintain a balanced approach to life and work, fostering collaboration and harmony for remarkable results.

Turning your Vision into Reality

With our proven track record of delivering successful outcomes, trust that we will help turn your Vision into a reality. Choose Akarigo for best-in-class business management solutions and unlock unparalleled success.

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A Cutting-Edge Solution to an Enduring Challenge _

Transforming Manufacturing practices

Eliminating the Need for Time Clocking

Enhanced Planning Accuracy Through Direct Integration of Real Manufacturing Times

Odoo Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Solution

Holistic Integration of MRP, Quality Control, Maintenance, and PLM Seamless Collaboration for Streamlined Operations

Real-Time Communication for Optimal Efficiency

Empowering workers with displayed worksheets and instant quality alerts enables informed decision-making during operations.

Shop Floor Automation for Unparalleled Data Capture

Harnessing real-time equipment data with API integration, unlocking valuable insights, and enhancing productivity

Inventory optimisation for enhanced efficiency

Achieve Optimal Inventory Levels with Precise Fulfillment Propositions

Harness the Power of Make-to-Order Rules, Minimum Stock Rules, and the Master Production Schedule for Automated Procurements.

Rely on the scheduler to perform comprehensive computations,
streamlining the process.

Optimise inventory levels and mitigate shortages through the effective utilisation of routes, constraints, and lead time.

"Odoo allowed our company to efficiently manage a growth from a turnover
of $2.4m to $15m in 4 years."
Jacky Lecuivre
CEO at Coppernic

Simplify and empower your operations with a single software solution.

Comprehensive Software Solution: All-in-One Integration



Manufacturing Engineering



Supply Chain

Efficient Workcenter Control Panel Functionality

Time Tracking

Easily track the time spent on each task or operation within the work centre.

Worksheet Display

Display worksheets directly on the control panel for quick reference and guidance during production.

Production Registration

Seamlessly register production activities, allowing for accurate tracking and reporting of output.

Quality Check Integration

Integrate quality checks into the workcenter control panel, ensuring that each product meets the required quality standards.

In-Process Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and notifications within the control panel, allowing for immediate action in case of issues or deviations.

Serial/Lot Number Recording

Effortlessly record and manage serial or lot numbers associated with the produced items, ensuring traceability and compliance with regulations.

Access essential data with ease.

Unparalleled reporting and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Obtain real-time insights into overall equipment efficiency (OEE), track TPM’s six big losses, and monitor maintenance KPIs like MTTR and MTBF. Create personalised dashboards to monitor real-time performance across various areas, including costing, traceability, performance analysis, and more.

Leverage dynamic reports to gain valuable insights and make smarter decisions for your business. Utilise the power of reporting to enhance productivity, traceability, performance analysis, and OEE, leading to more efficient operations.

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Enhancing Efficiency with Barcode Integration

Maximise operational efficiency with built-in barcode capabilities.

Harness the transformative potential of barcode technology to accelerate operations at every stage, irrespective of the complexity of inventory handling, be it lots, serial numbers, or unidentified products.

✅ Streamlined reception control

✅ Accelerate picking operations.

✅ Optimise packing efficiency.

✅ Seamless Execution of Work Orders

And more

seemless integration_

Seamless Integration with Odoo's Suite of Apps.


Automate fulfillment to maintain correct inventory levels.


Manage engineering changes and versions easily.


Plan preventive maintenance and act quickly to correct problems.


Define quality control points and trigger quality alerts easily.

CPQ (Configure, price, quote) fully integrated into your CRM, ERP and Manufacturing to give you a complete, fast and error free process for turning around complex quotes through to manufacturing and dispatch.

Case Studies

Doors & Partitions

A manufacturer of sliding doors leveraged our product to cut an entire process out for directors having to produce quotes with seamless information flow to the factory floor increasing the efficiency overall.


A significant lighting manufacturer transformed its business through using our CPQ platform and removed time consuming, labour intensive and inaccurate processes and high maintenance costs.


A mattress manufacturer saw an uplift in their online sales volume post implementation of our end to end order and stock management platform.

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