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Akarigo is the best ERP consulting company in the UK. Akarigo has the best experts in Odoo consulting helping companies with their CRM and ERP projects.


We are an international team of technology, management, and digital communication specialists. We deliver down to earth business performance improvements and implementation of joined business systems, within organisations who are passionate about fast and profitable business growth as we are.

In the modern business world, we see four factors of success: Purpose, People, Process and Technology. The quality and agility of each of these factors is important. Equally important, is how they are combined: the better the flow, the greater the success.

Our goal is to create synergy not silos and thus build a strong competitive advantage and reduce future business risk.

Our group of companies

We have developed a group of businesses to help our clients get the best returns from their investment in new technologies and processes to help them modernise, organise and digitalise their organisations.

Our group of technology, management and digital communication specialists work alongside us during the project to ensure a guaranteed return on your investment.

Our Three principle objectives


Implement an integrated technology platform & processes

Substantially improve your team’s productivity and performance.

Build a motivated place of work with a clear purpose

Increasing the efficiency of your resources with set goals and plans to achieve them.

Increase the value of your business four-fold

Providing an exceptional return on your investment and value for years to come.

Our core skills


Delivering transformation through people, process and technology


Unique blend of business consultants and technical expertise with a global footprint


Manufacturing & Logistic Business Services Financial Services Support & Helpdesk Property Services


Bringing business operations together - Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics


Helping Clients work smarter and not just harder.

Building winning teams

Building winning teams is about having the right people in the right teams and giving them the infrastructure, they need to succeed.

We see four factors in creating winning teams. The quality of each is important. Equally important is the way they are combined; the better the flow, the greater the success.


Motivating people through a common cause


The right people working in the right teams


Helping people perform and communicate


Making processes easy and fun

Complete end to end service

CRM/ERP/MRP/BI and Business Performance Consulting

Analysis & Design

Industry Focused Consulting

Business Process Improvements

Performance Management


Turnkey Delivery

Quick start packages

System Integration

Phased Approach

Project Management

Training & Support

Customized Support & Training Packages

Appointed Success Managers

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20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU