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Odoo Purchase Management | Odoo Purchase Module

Odoo is one-stop solution for the entire purchase management process. Odoo Purchase Management will help to improve the purchase and inventory performance.

Streamline your purchasing workflow through automation.

Effortlessly initiate RFQs with suppliers in alignment with stock levels. Enhance procurement and inventory performance by implementing rules that account for stock levels, logistics, sales orders, and forecast manufacturing orders. Tailor replenishment methods for each product, aligning them with your manufacturing and delivery strategies for optimal efficiency.

Efficiently manage supplier price lists and product availability.

Make informed purchase decisions by leveraging competitive prices. Effortlessly import suppliers’ price lists and references to facilitate smarter purchase decisions, factoring in promotions, quantities, and special contract conditions. Stay informed about product availability in your supplier’s stock and track order status within the application. Align your sales price with suppliers’ prices for an optimal pricing strategy.

Maximise cost savings with competitive purchase tenders.

Secure the best offer by negotiating with multiple vendors. Initiate purchase tenders, incorporate vendor responses, and analyse proposals to identify the optimal offer. Effortlessly generate purchase orders for the selected offer. Leverage reporting tools to evaluate vendor performance and analyse quality metrics.

Utilise blanket order agreements to establish negotiated pricing and recurring purchases from a supplier within a defined timeframe.

Access comprehensive purchase statistics for informed decision-making.

Analyse, forecast, and strategically plan your orders. Utilise flexible reporting to obtain precise supplier performance metrics, including delivery delays, negotiated price discounts, and purchased quantities. Integrate purchasing data with analytical accounting for detailed contract profitability analysis.

Efficiently manage multiple companies

Optimise time and resources with Odoo’s multi-company rules. Utilise a single Odoo instance to streamline operations across multiple companies or warehouses. Effortlessly create sales orders, share customers, suppliers, and products, and manage invoices simultaneously for all companies. Automate invoicing processes across multiple companies to further increase efficiency.

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