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Akarigo delivers the best Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution for manufacturers that provides buyers and sellers a seamless user experience on any device.

Your End-to-End Manufacturing Business Solution.

Introducing Akarigo's CPQ Solution for Manufacturing

Akarigo’s CPQ solution has the potential to revolutionise your manufacturing business by simplifying complex product configuration, enabling access to real time pricing, mitigating errors, curtailing lead times, and providing a streamlined purchasing experience, thereby fostering growth.

Simplify your quoting and pricing processes with Akarigo’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution designed specifically for manufacturing businesses. Our software revolutionizes the way you handle complex product configurations and provides real-time pricing, all the while delivering a streamlined purchasing experience.

Key Features:
• Simplified Product Configuration
• Real-time Pricing
• Error Mitigation
• Reduced Lead Times
• Streamlined Purchasing Experience

But that’s not all – we offer a complete suite of manufacturing business apps, including CRM, eCommerce, point of sale, project management, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory & warehouse, dispatch, accounting, and customer service.

Akarigo provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for your manufacturing operations. Transform your operations with Akarigo’s CPQ solution and comprehensive suite of manufacturing business apps.

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Complex Manufacturing with Akarigo’s CPQ

Simplify Complex Product Configurations
Simplify the complexity of configuring products with a highly user-friendly rule-based product configurator that can handle thousands of product combinations, reducing the time and cost of product configuration.
Eliminate Misquotations
Ensure accurate pricing with Akarigo’s modern cloud based CPQ solution that pulls real-time data from your ERP system, ensuring the most up-to-date product pricing and availability.
Provide an Omnichannel Experience
Offer your customers a seamless buying experience with Akarigo’s Ecommerce based CPQ solution that can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere, and allows for easy self-service ordering.
Accelerate Sales Cycles
Reduce the time to generate quotes from days to minutes, freeing up your sales team to focus on selling and closing more deals.
Personalise the Buying Experience
Empower your customers to personalise their own products with a CPQ solution that provides guided selling capabilities and visualisation tools to create a more engaging and interactive buying experience.
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Sales to Manufacturing Transition

Enhance and simplify the product customization process by utilising Akarigo’s cloud based modern CPQ app for complex manufacturing businesses that ensures rapid and efficient operations.

Optimum Mass Customization

Take advantage of mass customization with a CPQ tool that provides instant feedback on what is possible, with pricing to match. Revolutionise your processes and streamline your business to stay competitive in an era where mass customization is the norm.

Instant Quote Generation

Get ahead of the competition with instant, accurate quotes generated through a powerful and centralised CPQ platform. Eliminate the need for manual calculations and cumbersome spreadsheets, and streamline your quotation process for faster sales.

Custom Engineering Automation

Automate custom engineering with advanced CPQ functionality. With auto-generation of BOMs, relevant documents are delivered to the production, procurement, finance and others reducing time to plan and manufacture, also reducing human errors.

Create a Bespoke Sales Experience

Our CPQ solution simplifies industrial equipment manufacturing by removing guesswork and enabling customers to independently explore and order products without the need for live sales assistance. By providing a self-service approach, bottlenecks are reduced and speed, efficiency, and quality are improved, aligning with the expectations of modern buyers.

Faster sales cycles

Increase the efficiency of your sales process with dynamic pricing and streamlined product configuration. Personalise solutions for customers and stay ahead of market trends.

Explore the potential of CPQ in manufacturing.

Revolutionise your manufacturing processes with Akarigo's CPQ solutions to close deals faster with dynamic pricing and streamlined bespoke product family configuration. With ultimate mass customization and support for digital transformation, discover the power of CPQ for your business today.

Real time pricing and value for investment

Calculate prices in real-time based on your pricing rules, helping you avoid misquotations that can negatively impact your margins. This empowers customers to tailor their product configurations to align with their budget and maximise value for their investment.

Generate quotes instantly.

Streamline the entire quoting process and centralise every quote on one powerful platform with our CPQ manufacturing solution. Get rid of cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and enjoy lightning-fast accuracy when working with customers.

Custom engineering capabilities

Deliver shop-floor-ready documents to your engineering team, allowing reviews to occur before work begins. Reduce manufacturing mistakes, maintain strict timelines, and keep your customers happy with an authentic engineer-to-order process.

Guided selling to reduce training cost

Uncover customer needs and increase win rates with our end-to-end guided selling functionality. Replace costly training programmes with built-in data-driven guidance for your sales team to direct prospects towards the right products.

Case Studies

Doors and Partitions

A manufacturer of sliding doors leveraged our product to cut an entire process out for directors having to produce quotes with seamless information flow to the factory floor increasing the efficiency overall.


A significant lighting manufacturer transformed its business through using our CPQ platform and removed time consuming, labour intensive and inaccurate processes and high maintenance costs.


A mattress manufacturer saw an uplift in their online sales volume post implementation of our end to end order and stock management platform.

Our Feature-rich CPQ Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Bespoke Product Configuration

Omnichannel Sales

In-Depth Analytics

Cloud Compatibility


Powerful Integration

Complete Customization

Why Akarigo?

Transform your manufacturing business with Akarigo’s game-changing digital solutions. Our innovative CPQ platform streamlines the sales process, allowing you to efficiently handle complex orders and deliver custom products to your customers faster than ever before. With Akarigo, you can experience the power of automation and mass customization while maximising profitability and customer satisfaction. As a leader in SaaS for manufacturing, Akarigo has a proven track record of helping businesses adapt to the changing world and stay ahead of the competition. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with a focus on customer success, has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for manufacturers worldwide.

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