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Streamlining Multi-Website Management with Odoo

In the contemporary digital landscape, many businesses operate multiple websites to cater to diverse customer needs. Managing this online presence efficiently can be quite a challenge. This is where Odoo comes into play, serving as an open-source management software that simplifies the complexities of multi-website management. In this article, we’ll delve into Odoo, exploring its […]

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Unlocking the Potential of Odoo CRM in Your Business

Odoo CRM is a powerful tool designed to help businesses compete. In today’s ever-changing world of customer interactions, it’s a valuable asset that can boost client engagement and drive growth. Why should your business use Odoo CRM? Odoo CRM is a key part of the Odoo Business Suite and represents a significant step forward in […]

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odoo 15 updates

Top 12 Features of the new Odoo 15 – Explore the incredible software that your amazing employees deserve

It is now well understood that to manage today’s increased level of customer demands and customer satisfaction and to keep up with the ever-growing business needs, organisations require a dependable, efficient, and user-friendly business management system.  However less well considered by organisations is that to attract and retain the talent to support our growing business […]

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Akarigo and Ideal Postcodes

Akarigo and Ideal Postcodes Partnership

Ideal Postcodes partners with Akarigo to extend Address Validation to Odoo CRM users Akarigo is a renowned Odoo Gold Partner that provides excellent Business Management Solutions based on Odoo’s flexible and cost-effective ERP platform. Akarigo takes pride in its distinctive style of management and technology consulting, with a worldwide team managing Odoo projects across the […]

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How to Manage in this era of super-delegation

Motivation, People, and Processes Our aim for small and medium-sized businesses is to help them prepare for growth in 2021 and the decade ahead. The answer lies in developing motivated efficient teams who have a common and shared goal for success. We illustrate in this blog what it implies and the returns that can be […]

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Why is Odoo ahead of other ERP software systems?

‘Expand as you Grow,’ Odoo’s slogan embodies a great deal for its clients. Founded in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers open-source fan, Odoo has become one of the world’s leading Open ERP providers. It started off with the name ‘Tiny ERP’ and later in the name ‘OpenERP’, Odoo outlasted many of its opponents before securing its […]

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