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Streamline Manufacturing Orders

Efficiently manage the organisation of your products across assembly lines or manual assembly processes, ensuring a smooth production flow.

Optimise Work Orders

Initiate and oversee the production of essential items required for the final assembly of your products, maximising operational efficiency.

Boost Efficiency with Barcodes

Harness the power of barcode technology to accelerate manufacturing operations. Utilise barcode scanning for lot or serial number tracking, stopwatch control, maintenance request triggering, and seamless workflow progression.

Seamless Repair Order Management

Effectively handle repairs for items covered under warranty or as part of your service offerings, ensuring timely resolution and customer satisfaction.

Flexibility with Editable MOs

Enhance adaptability by consuming alternative products beyond the initial plan and making necessary modifications to manufacturing orders once they are completed.

Optimise Resource Utilisation

Efficiently disassemble finished products and reclaim valuable components through unbilled orders, maximising resource utilisation and minimising waste.

Schedule & Plan

Production Planning

Streamline your manufacturing schedule and adapt plans easily for optimal efficiency.

Work Order Organisation

Efficiently manage work orders by accessing resources and planning production in advance.

Bill of Materials Management

Track item availability and production timelines for effective bill of materials management.

Workcenter Capacity Optimisation

Optimise workcenter capacity using the MRP Scheduler based on OEE and capacity, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Flexible Master Data

Multi-level Bills of Materials

Create hierarchical Bills of Materials to manufacture components within another Bill of Materials, enabling efficient production processes.

Optional Routing

Customise routings for work orders to sequence production based on specific routing requirements, optimising production flow.

Version Control

Accommodate product evolution and incorporate configurable options during order creation, allowing for flexible and adaptable manufacturing.

Kit Assembly

Utilise the Kit feature to sell products as sets of components that can be assembled, providing a seamless solution for sales and assembly processes.



Effortlessly track changes by comparing different versions and identifying modifications made over time.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Monitor product versions and Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), along with their associated documents. Merge ECOs related to the same bill of materials (BoM).

Engineering Changes

Manage changes effectively through a streamlined kanban process specifically designed for ECOs.

Document Management

Store plans and worksheets directly within the bill of materials and routings, ensuring easy access and organisation of critical documents.


Control Points

Automate quality checks for the manufacturing department, ensuring consistent and reliable inspection at key stages.

Quality Checks

Implement statistical process control effortlessly by utilising comprehensive quality checks.

Quality Alerts

Streamline your workflow and stay organised with the intuitive kanban view for managing quality alerts.


Preventive Maintenance

Automate maintenance requests based on key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring proactive equipment upkeep.

Corrective Maintenance

Efficiently initiate corrective maintenance actions directly from the control centre panel, addressing issues promptly.


Plan and schedule maintenance operations effectively using the integrated calendar feature.


Access comprehensive maintenance statistics, including Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), for insightful analysis and decision-making.

Workcenter Control Panel


Equip each work centre with tablets for streamlined work organisation and improved efficiency.

Production Recording

Easily register production activities by scanning products, lots, or serial numbers.

Miscellaneous Operations

Perform various tasks directly from the work centre, including product scrapping, creating quality alerts, conducting checks, and more.


Utilise alerts to notify operators of changes or quality checks relevant to their work.

Work Order Steps

Define multiple steps within a work order and link them to corresponding worksheet pages, facilitating actions like product scanning, image capture, quality control, and more.


Display work instructions directly on the work centre through worksheets, ensuring clear guidance for operators.


Comprehensive Traceability

Generate detailed reports on component traceability, providing a complete upstream view of the manufacturing process.

Cost Analysis

Track the cost of manufacturing orders by calculating component costs and operational expenses, enabling accurate cost analysis.

Equipment Performance Evaluation

Analyse work centre loads, identify productivity losses, and monitor overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to optimise operational efficiency.

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