Amongst its devastation, COVID19 has forced change on everyone.  This gives SMEs, a golden opportunity to modernise and build a stronger, more agile business.

We see that SME success is a vital part of The Fightback against the pandemic. Every country across the globe really needs its SMEs to step up to the plate.

Today, being a truly agile business is vital for future success.  It requires the right business structure and processes combined with the right technology.    

For our contribution to The Fightback, we have collaborated with BOS, the business organisation people.  Together, we offer you a simple, clear pathway to building future success.

We see that building a modern, agile business has four principal themes… Read More

The Fightback – four steps

We see that building a modern, agile business has four principal themes:

  1. Building the right internal organisation where people are aligned, take on increased responsibility and readily report their performance. 
  1. Being a truly customer centric business which places the customer at the heart of every activity and builds a 360 degree view of their needs, feedback and preferences.
  1. Having key data readily available to measure and forecast performance and make better, more informed decisions at all levels of the business (individual, team and leadership).
  1. The management team using that key data to orchestrate the business and focus their resources on developing and growing the business. 

Implementing these four steps will enable you to build a strong, secure and highly valuable business.

BOS has developed a system for implementing a modern, agile structure into your business through a 90 day programme.  Akarigo can help you install the right tech platform.

Please let us know if you wish to sign up for the series or receive further information.

Akarigo & BOS

We have teamed up with BOS for the Fightback Series because of our shared beliefs and philosophy. 

  • We both want to help SMEs succeed.
  • We both believe that today, business success comes from the synergy of purpose, people and process.
  • The right technology drives good process improves communication and empowers people.

Today, in every area of business, the right technology is crucial.

But, also, technology works best for SMEs that have the right, modern organisation and processes.

To read more about BOS visit:

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The Fightback: a four part series

1. People & Culture

Structure organises people, strengthens their focus and builds a positive, winning culture.
An agile business is dependent on having a strong need people to have ready access to data.

2. Process & Data

Always, process is the #1 secret to business success. People love good process.But, for process to work you need people to have ready access to data.

3. Process & technology

Post COVID19, having the right technology is crucial. 
It makes the collection of data seamless and helps make process fun and easy.

4. A customer centric business

Being truly customer centric creates a winning advantage.It requires your sales and marketing functions to work within a modern structure.

Please let us know if you wish to sign up for the series or receive further information. Contact Us