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Product Lifecycle Management

for modern companies.

Efficient engineering change management

Enhances communication and collaboration.

Achieve efficient management of engineering changes through streamlined communication. Odoo PLM leverages an enterprise social network to facilitate seamless and efficient communication across multiple departments. Simplify approvals, centralise real-time document discussions, and enable focused collaboration tailored to individual needs.

Streamlined Document Management Integration

for drawings, worksheets, and quality documents.

Triggered Alerts and Seamless Information Flow

Enable smooth information flow in manufacturing by utilising triggered alerts on worksheets or work centre control panels. Ensure timely communication and facilitate effective collaboration between different teams.

Effortlessly manage drawings, worksheets, and quality documents.

Integrate your document management seamlessly within the system. Attach documents directly to bills of materials (BoMs), routings, or any other relevant areas.

Powerful and user-friendly

Benefit from the ease of managing multiple document versions while maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly interface for enhanced usability.

Efficient Version Control with Smart Diff and Merge

Simplify EBoM and MBoM Alignment

Experience seamless synchronisation between departments with Odoo PLM's smart versioning capabilities. Track changes efficiently across multiple versions and ensure every department is aligned with the same documents.

Parallel Work on Multiple Versions

Work on several versions of the same bill of materials (BoM) simultaneously with Odoo PLM. Apply only the necessary differences to manage multiple changes efficiently, enabling streamlined collaboration and optimisation.

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