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Quality Management

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Quality Control Points: Ensuring Superior Quality

Reliable Support in the APQP Journey

Implement targeted quality checks during inventory and manufacturing operations by defining control plans. Odoo assists in the APQP journey by supporting in-process, final, and receiving inspections.

Efficient Inspection and Compliance

Set up inspections at critical production stages with ease. Ensure adherence to quality standards through defined quality control plans.

Streamlined PPAP and SPC management

Effortlessly manage and track PPAP submissions. Configure SPC for effective process monitoring. Attach PFMEA documents to routings, facilitating comprehensive quality control.

Efficiently manage quality alerts with a user-friendly interface.

Track quality alerts with Odoo's Kanban interface.

Effectively manage quality alerts using Odoo's intuitive Kanban interface. Easily organise and track alerts, report progress, and prioritise critical issues with visual indicators.

Automate quality alerts with customised rules.

Utilise tags to categorise quality alerts and create customised rules for automated alerts or actions. Categorise alerts based on addressee (design, supplier, process), requestor (customer, main line, subline), and other relevant criteria.

Seamless integration with inventory and manufacturing

Enjoy full integration of quality checks and alerts with your inventory and manufacturing operations.

Empower your workers to initiate quality alerts directly from the work centre control panel or inventory operations.

Efficiently route products to dedicated quality zones, allowing for advanced and thorough inspections.

Enhance quality with total productive maintenance.

Enable the manufacturing department to initiate quality alerts seamlessly from their workcenter control panel. Experience real-time updates and efficient communication, ensuring that the relevant stakeholders receive timely information.

By fostering better communication, you can reduce manufacturing downtime and improve team efficiency, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of your operations.

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