How to Manage in this era of super-delegation

Motivation, People, and Processes

Our aim for small and medium-sized businesses is to help them prepare for growth in 2021 and the decade ahead. The answer lies in developing motivated efficient teams who have a common and shared goal for success.

We illustrate in this blog what it implies and the returns that can be leveraged

The super-delegation age

Societies have become more cooperative and far less hierarchical around the world. The causes are possibly a mixture of competitive strain, improved education, and more technical empowerment.

Companies are under stress to be more collaborative both in terms of how they deals with third parties and the operation of their internal organization and processes. Leaders are about to reach the era of super-delegation, after years of being persuaded to delegate.

The Benefit

The atmosphere does not pose a threat. Indeed, it presents a major opportunity for SMEs to gain a substantial advantage over their bigger, slower-moving rivals.

Facing the challenge

In the coming decades, performance is determined by an organization that has:

  • A positive culture, developing and fostering the right actions of its members.
  • In particular, when they relate to consumers, high-performance teams take more actions.
  • The right individuals who excel and add to the company culture in a new, collaborative team environment
  • Modern processes to organize these team and make them responsible, 
  • Flexible capital that reaches where it is needed most.

The great news is that it’s not hard to do, but requires leadership to recognize today’s need for change and the benefits to be gained.

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