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Odoo Sms Marketing

Odoo SMS marketing is a pocket-friendly marketing strategy that can be utilized for any type of business. This useful module is part of the Odoo ERP Suite of integrated business apps and can be used in a variety of businesses, including small, medium, and larger enterprises.

You can get maximum exposure at a reasonable cost by using the SMS marketing module. You can also present your own company strategies to a huge audience. It will assist you in developing a successful sales strategy. Regular marketing initiatives will enhance your brand’s online presence, and position you as a socially active company. Regular SMS campaigns and deals would make you a trustworthy and important business partner. It’s the greatest place to promote special discounts, trial products, and even freebies. Through SMS marketing and the rest of your communication channels will you be able to fully understand your customer and make them feel better about your company.

Some of the core benefits of the Odoo SMS marketing module are addressed in this blog:

Improved Communication:

Simple, clear and effective communication with your prospects, clients and partners is central to business success in this age of omnichannel communication when everyone is trying to ‘reach’ you and attract your attention in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. 

Our communication channels are also expected to be tailored to the needs of our recipient so that we can reach them via their preferred channel – SMS messaging becomes part of the options we can offer.

Quick and highly effective:

Short Message  Service marketing is an instant messenger that allows you to reach out to your target audience with messages that are sent faster than emails and other forms of communication.

Texts have far more reach than mail, voice calls, and other features in the current technology age. It is a simple, quick, dependable, and successful marketing tool for your company. As a result, the Odoo ERP platform offers a better SMS marketing platform, as well as multiple benefits. 

Customized Experience:

Odoo SMS marketing module helps you to offer a customized experience to your audience or individuals. Customizing SMS messages will make them more appealing to your audience, as well as assist you in winning their devotion to your company or brand, resulting in increased productivity. The Odoo SMS marketing module offers customized messages which will propel your company to new heights.

Regular Updates:

You could update your business ideas to clients at the proper time by utilizing this Odoo SMS Marketing module. All of your offers and other marketing data will be readily maintained.

Time management which works:

Odoo SMS Marketing module is used to handle marketing campaigns and other associated operations. Before launching a marketing campaign, the platform allows you to schedule and automate all of the tasks that are required for the whole campaign. As a result, you will have more time to focus on other tasks This module helps you arrange all of your activities and would saves you a lot of time.

Relevant Content:

The messages will be clear and accurate and all thanks to the SMS marketing module. The SMS marketing module guides you in getting to the point swiftly without wasting time. The module gives you the precise infromation you want to convey to your clients. Both the readers and the providers would benefit from precise content.

Assists in the retention of long-term customers:

Odoo SMS Marketing is a good platform for getting your audience’s attention and converting them into loyal clients. Using an SMS marketing tool to update your business details, offers, and promotions will have a big impact on your clients. It would gain you some loyal customers. If you acquire the trust of your regular clients, they will assist you in bringing new consumers by spreading the word about your hospitality and special deals.

Enables Opportunity to opt-out:

For your clients, the Odoo SMS module features an unsubscribe option. The platform gives clients the choice of enabling or disabling SMS alerts using this feature. In other words, clients have the option of opting out of receiving additional text messages. 

Import contact information:

One of the important features of the Odoo SMS module is that it allows you to import your contacts from an external source in the form of a CSV or Excel document. It is done by going to the Odoo SMS module’s contacts panel and selecting the import menu. 

Enables the generation of Contact list:

The SMS Marketing platform allows you to segment your recipients according to their mutual interests or needs. It’s very useful when you need to make a particular group of clients, such as those who are ‘Interested in Promotions’ or who have signed up for your ‘Newsletter.

Aids in Organizing of Events:

The Odoo SMS marketing module is useful to fix the time and date of the campaign, and messages are sent automatically at that time. This functionality is extremely beneficial in terms of completing campaigns on schedule, as well as reducing the risk and workload of the responsible authority.

Allow Campaign evaluation:

You can do campaign testing on the Odoo platform, which also will help you to uncover the flaws in your campaign and provide you the opportunity to correct them. You can test your SMS marketing campaign using the Test menu in the SMS marketing creation window.


There must be some instances where recipients will no longer get SMS advertisements. Odoo handles these scenarios flawlessly with its unique Blacklist feature, which allows recipients to unsubscribe from all SMSs.

A/B Testing:

The A/B Testing option is offered in Odoo SMS marketing module. This option allows you to send multiple mailings to arbitrarily selected recipients in order to verify their effectiveness while avoiding duplicate mails.

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