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For many individuals, home has been the new workplace lately. As the corona virus has struck the globe, the work-life and personal lives of individuals have been seriously disrupted, causing devastating losses both economically and personally.

For the moment, several firms have suspended their activities and others are partially operational. Therefore, to minimize the congestion at workplaces and business establishments, individuals have shifted their workplaces to their homes. This is now being referred to as the ‘New Normal’.

For staff as well as the organisation, operating from home has created both challenges and benefits for Human Resource Management. So, although organizations have been able to continue to operate, the lack of supervision and knowing day to day what your staff are doing has created a real challenge for both managers and staff. As this ‘new normal’ continues and with the absence of meaningful human face to face interactions in the workplace, the challenges to productivity in human resource management and business become ever more real.

Online platforms, that can be accessed anytime/anywhere such as Odoo, have played a pivotal role in addressing this problem. HR management is one of Odoo’s greatest attributes, making it an important operational tool not only in this field but also for the whole operation of the business. With specialized tools for employee management, payroll, attendance, time sheets, recruitment, expenses, and even appraisals, Odoo can help you manage your people more effectively and efficiently. In fact, with its sophisticated communication tools and Enterprise Social Network, the Odoo platform will enable the staff and the managers to remain connected and working off a single system.

Communicating in Real-Time

The main pillars of every company are knowledge sharing and teamwork.

Since Odoo software runs on a single, centralized database, everyone has access to the same single truth of all your prospects, customers and suppliers. Everyone shares and exchanges data and interactions efficiently within the organisation and externally with prospects, clients and suppliers.

Odoo inbox is an Odoo program that enables everyone to interact with each other about the different aspects of projects and opportunities.

The Odoo interface allows users to establish online chat features that lets clients interact directly with the business using a live chat tool too.

Managing Human Resources

When remote working, handling the presence of workers alongside the shift management can be exhausting. With Odoo managers can easily schedule and optimize securely the workers’ shift activities.

Odoo ‘s attendance tool helps users to utilize and track everyones’ attendance.

Managing and accounting for time throughout the applications and system is managed automatically within Odoo – even through use of barcode scanners if required.

Managing Appointment and Consultation

Because of the disease outbreak situation in the world is prevalent, many companies have restricted direct customer interaction. Client encounters to allow consultations with the aid of pre-booked consultations are now common. Using the appointments module, the Odoo platform helps users to monitor and arrange their consultations and meetings with customers online. The client can arrange meetings and appointments directly with you using an online calendar. Your availability can be shown directly online so helping you optimise the times you need to come into the office and times when you can stay and work from home.

Digital Marketing

Many organisations are now having to rethink their traditional marketing strategies and channels for marketing their products and services as physical marketing has become more restricted and difficult.

Odoo’s built in website and digital marketing tools are already well established for organisation to take advantage of to increase their online presence and improve leads, sales and customer interactions.

Users can create and handle digital marketing campaigns and advertisements online using the Odoo platform. The platform offers users the opportunity to send and monitor marketing emails, tweets, pop-up tweets, and ads.

COVID 19 has disrupted the world’s normal operations, so we must adjust to modern methodologies to embrace the ‘New Normal’.

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