odoo manufacturing

Key features of odoo manufacturing in 2023

A company that runs manufacturing processes to convert raw materials or components into finished goods need an effective, reliable and robust manufacturing MRP/ERP system. Open ERP/Odoo includes a number of features that help manufacturers manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently. The Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software helps the end-user in managing the complexity of production, […]

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odoo 16

What are the New Features in Odoo 16

Over the course of the past twenty years, each new version of Odoo has brought with it a host of new and helpful features. Odoo is continually working to improve its internal functions by integrating the most recent and cutting-edge ERP technologies available. This allows companies to be able to take advantage of globally practised […]

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odoo 15 updates

Top 12 Features of the new Odoo 15 – Explore the incredible software that your amazing employees deserve

It is now well understood that to manage today’s increased level of customer demands and customer satisfaction and to keep up with the ever-growing business needs, organisations require a dependable, efficient, and user-friendly business management system.  However less well considered by organisations is that to attract and retain the talent to support our growing business […]

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Manage your staff virtually with Odoo

For many individuals, home has been the new workplace lately. As the corona virus has struck the globe, the work-life and personal lives of individuals have been seriously disrupted, causing devastating losses both economically and personally. For the moment, several firms have suspended their activities and others are partially operational. Therefore, to minimize the congestion […]

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