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What are the New Features in Odoo 16

Over the course of the past twenty years, each new version of Odoo has brought with it a host of new and helpful features. Odoo is continually working to improve its internal functions by integrating the most recent and cutting-edge ERP technologies available. This allows companies to be able to take advantage of globally practised real-world processes out of the box. This directly translates into a variety of significant advantages for the end-user, for example, faster system adoption rates and lower implementation costs.

Apart from the usual code cleanups and performance enhancements, Odoo 16’s main focus has been on the accounting system’s localization, the UX, and the addition of new features.The entire system is expanding to a completely new level of sophistication and performance, being now one of the fasts ERP systems on the market.

Knowledge module 

The knowledge module is the most recent addition to Odoo’s list of features. The module, just like the rest of Odoo, is very closely integrated with the rest of the system. It functions as a knowledge hub where information can be shared and expanded upon by both staff members and the administrator.

Employees have the ability to contribute a wide variety of content to the knowledge section of the module. This content can include business processes, versions and their improvements, administrative instructions, informational articles, and much more that is primarily focused on fostering effective communication within the company.

Sales Module

  • For simplified administration, Odoo 16 incorporates subscriptions into sales orders.
  • In the new “recurrence” field, you can designate a sale order as a recurring order.
  • There is now a sale order button for invoice smart buttons that will take you directly to the related sale order.
  • You can set a price list on the basis of a recurring period.
  • This part of the product view lets employees submit their own charges for approval by management, and accountants can record them and handle payment processing.

Website & Chatbot Module

  • The website’s back-end and front-end have been combined in Odoo Version 16, which offers greater customising possibilities and control over building blocks, page components, etc. It will make it easier for users to build and manage websites on Odoo and make the process of building websites better for users.
  • Backend menu options are now available on the frontend for simple navigation, as are several options for “Add to Cart” in the website settings.
  • With Odoo 16, you can make changes to your website’s settings without refreshing the page, opening the door to more user-friendly setup options.
  • Odoo now has a chatbot built in that can be used to ask the application server for information.  It now has a decision tree and a set of questions that users can use to get answers to their questions about how to do things.

MRP Module

  • Customers can now view the current status of their manufacturing order at any point in time from their own individualised customer portal by using the link generated with the sales order.
  • Through these tools, consumers can learn everything there is to know about the creation of their purchased goods.
  • The Subcontracting Portal has been changed to make it easier to register production with a subcontractor so that the order can be outsourced.
  • Allotment reports for manufacturing are now available in the MRP module.

HR & Sign Module

  • According to the needs of the business, the approver sequence can be customized. and is adaptable to changes in employee grade.
  • Odoo has simplified the shipping process by making it simpler to locate your customers and by providing you with options to tackle delivery delays.
  •  Users can compile their own reports and data on staff performance with the help of the Employee module.
  • Odoo can save and give accurate information about all of an employee’s activities to make management easier and workflow monitoring more efficient.

Marketing Module

The premium marketing module experience is significantly improved by the enhanced email marketing feature. Users can create custom email templates to meet their specific needs.

  • Changes to global mailing characteristics can be implemented with relative ease.
  • Contact information and email addresses are more easily accessible.
  • Filters can be saved and reloaded for use with future mailings.
  • The dashboard for the social marketing module can now quote and retweet, which makes it easier to promote your tweets through the Twitter feed for your business.

Accounting Module

  • With the addition of new features and tools that can be useful in real business situations, Odoo’s accounting module has been greatly improved. 
  • The accounting module’s credit limit feature enables you to handle the credit limits of customers more efficiently.
  • In an effort to make the reconciliation process more user-friendly, new widgets have been developed. From the reconciliation page, you can jump right to this widget for quick and easy reconciliation.
  •  The widgets make it easier to manage foreign exchange, and an extra feature is that the difference in exchange rates is shown on the invoice as a fraction.

Inventory Module

  • Upgraded delivery methods and forced backorder options allow you to use inventory to its full potential, making inventory management easier.
  • Improvements in replenishment management capabilities provide warnings about the number of days until stock must be restocked. The problems associated with insufficient or delayed visibility into replenishment needs are avoided with the use of replenishment visibility days.
  • The Inventory module’s automatic batching capability will generate Batches based on the operation types’ settings.For convenience, you can set maximum batch sizes based on move line, transfer, or weight.
  • Barcode Odoo 16 streamlines the printing and scanning processes. Information such as the product’s serial number, lot number, manufacturing date, product weight, and more can be printed with the data matrix code.

Purchase Module

The ‘Call for Tender’ feature has been revamped to enhance the buying process. An alternative RFQ can be generated and used in place of the original. Therefore, you will be able to make a purchase with a number of different possibilities from which to choose the best one.

Discount, Coupons & Promotions

Coupons and promotions were previously classified as separate functional aspects in Odoo, which contrasted with their use in the coupon administration process. In Odoo 16, coupons and sales were merged, and users could use them at the point of sale, online, and on sales orders.

Survey Module

  • The event module now has a new map view.
  • New option to add questions and answers included,consisting of questions, suggested values, and detailed answer options

Email Marketing module 

  • The mailing list view has been modified.
  • 24 hour stat mailing reports have been included.
  • Favourite filters have been included in the configuration.

Consolidation Module

An inverted balance sign option is added.

Appraisal Module

The appraisal module now has new reporting options.

Module for Time Off

The configuration includes stress days.

Helpdesk Module

The Helpdesk module now has icons for Repair, Coupon, Create Tasks, and Share on forums.

Dashboard Module

The dashboard has undergone an extensive overhaul. We can now access details for all modules in the dashboard.


It is worth noting that Odoo 16 has a plethora of features. Odoo 16’s custom business management tools and user-friendly interface make it a breeze to set up and commence running. It guarantees the best possible degree of efficiency in business management and productivity.

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