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Top 12 Features of the new Odoo 15 – Explore the incredible software that your amazing employees deserve

It is now well understood that to manage today’s increased level of customer demands and customer satisfaction and to keep up with the ever-growing business needs, organisations require a dependable, efficient, and user-friendly business management system. 

However less well considered by organisations is that to attract and retain the talent to support our growing business we need also to give them the right solutions and environment to support the client demands.

Odoo offers an easy to use modern business software solution that is intuitive to use, flexible to change as requirements change and scalable to grow with the business. It is a modern ERP software solution designed for the modern and growing business.

Odoo ERP has been trending among top firms, and with the release of Odoo 15 the expectations have climbed even higher. Amongst its many new releases there has been a real push to incorporate modern ways of working for our staff and clients – the new collaboration tools that are pervasive throughout the solution help better, faster and easier ways of communicating with our internal teams, clients, suppliers and partners. 

What exactly is Odoo 15?

Odoo 15 was released in October 2021. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic affecting many regions of the world, it was released in the Odoo Experience Virtual Conference. Odoo 15 includes innovative capabilities that assist businesses to enhance their productivity and efficiency. Including its latest web-based connection and excellent architecture, Odoo 15 is regarded as the ultimate business solution.

Let’s take look at some of the new features  in Odoo V15

1. New Import Screen Odoo 15’s new importing screen functionality enhances the user experience. This new import page provides a choice for handling cash rounding, making accounting, and creating invoices a breeze for example.

2. Possibilities in the Pivot and Graph views

With Pivot and Graph views, Odoo ERP software has the ability to customise your graphs and chart views. Odoo studio will let you change and adjust the graph in Odoo 15. You can use this to extend the data’s representation to valuable insights for better decision-making and analysis.

3. HTML Editor

Odoo 15 offers a new HTML editor that is both appealing and functional. It will resemble text editors, but it will also include HTML coding. So you don’t have to be a developer to create amazing designs.

4. Point-of-Sale Coupon and Promotion Program

Unlike previous versions of the Coupon and Promotions, which were designed primarily for Sale and eCommerce sites, the Odoo 15 coupons are designed to work with both eCommerce and POS.

In the POS settings, the feature is available. You can build Coupons and Promotions depending on business needs and save them for later use under the product menu. The cashier can use the POS’s Enter Code button to add the Point of Sale Order Coupons, which will appear on the customer’s invoice.

5. Website Configurator

New Artificial Intelligence engine to build your website within a few clicks based on the industry and preferences making it faster and easier to create amazing websites

6. Website Design

Select a gradient for background, text, and button colors. The color picker comes with a gradient editor, with linear or circular gradients that you can  personalize easily. Introduced more control to the Grayscale palette. Added support for multiple colors.

7.Customer Relationship Management

  • The CRM’s new feature is designed to improve lead management and salesperson assignment.
  • Team leaders and managers can use this functionality to assign team members to certain activities or leads in the Odoo 15 CRM module. It will help the organization’s sales efforts and better team collaboration to generate leads.
  • Mail Connectors – Both the Outlook and Gmail add-ons now support all available Odoo languages. Tasks, Leads, and Helpdesk tickets can be generated from emails sent to personal email addresses in Outlook, or from the Gmail Inbox.

8. Burndown chart for the project

In the Project section, this feature is available. You’ll find a simple reporting tool here that allows you to see a phase-by-phase chart of the project’s progress.

The chart will help in identifying current trends and any delays in the project deliverable.

9. Share your product with a wider market

The eCommerce web platform’s personalized area will contain the sharing functionality.

The share button, in most cases, allows products to be shared on various social networking sites via the website portal. You may now share details on the platform to finalize the product using the new functionality.

10. Improved dashboard view

The buy dashboard provides a fantastic view of the dashboard, which includes all of the purchase statistics and graphs. The dashboard gives all of the necessary information regarding the total taxed and untaxed. A full report can be accessed by clicking the reporting tab on the Odoo 15 dashboard.

11. eCommerce

  • A gift card for a site – You can use this option to sell the card on the internet. For the selling of Gift Cards, this feature generates unique codes. Customers receive these one-of-a-kind codes by email or in person.
  • Shop – Enhanced design for shop and product pages. Now it’s possible to Enable a “recently viewed products” section. New, attractive design for the product building block, as well as the option to display discounts.

12. Manufacturing

Cost Reporting – Consider the cost of by-products by applying cost shares on the BOM, or on the Manufacturing Order. Adapted MO cost analysis report format for by-products cost valuation, as well.  A new Production Analysis dashboard has been created to track manufacturing expenses and performance over time. Scrap Analysis now has Pivot and Graph Views.


Odoo ERP provides a modern ERP software business management system that is not only required for the modern and agile demands of clients and businesses but is also what organisations need to have in place to attract and retain the talent they need to run their businesses. 

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